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Direct Drive Compressor Run-In

Compressor Failure, Why?

Lithium Batteries

Subaru Diesel EGR Issues

Catch Cans Often Misunderstood

Honda CRV AC Tech Tip

Redarc Install Tech Tip

Lithium Batteries – Energy Density

A DPF Cleaning Solution

Hino With A Surge

Turbo Adjustment Screws  

Nissan Navara Power Loss

Timing Chain Issue

Workshop Hoist Maintenance

SD Cards For Dashcams

Why Injectors Wear

Mercedes-Benz eDrive

Denso Charging Issues (JAS TEch Tip)

Pass-Thru Programming

M-Benz Sensotronic Reset & Test

Kia Rio Running Rough (VACC Tech Talk)

Common Faults Holden Rodeo (tech talk)

48v Batteries Launched

Highs & Lows – Diesel Diagnosis by Clinton Brett

Why is the industry changing to R1234yf?

Would your business pass an ARC A/C Audit? (see this check list)

Diesel tech Talk – Nissan Patrol 

Brake Fluid Often Neglected 

Understanding the EGR Valve – by Greg Organ

“I’ve replaced the SCV and the fault re-appears!”

Diesel Tech Talk by Clinton Brett

“Start with the basics” by Matt Hardy

VIDEO – Here is what happens when vehicles are not regularly serviced! 

Battery Talk by Johnny Kennedy (Flooded Batt)

Battery Talk by Johnny Kennedy (Batt Config)

Battery Talk by Johnny Kennedy (start stop)

Labscopes & Oscilloscopes

Counterfeit Toyota Filters Warning

Temperature & How It affects battery performance 

Secondary Ignition Scope Analysis (video). 

Battery Charging, what happens chemically?

“Start with the basics”

Data Sharing Code Of Practice

More Intake/Carbon Issues

Stray Current & Testing (ADRAD)

AC Hose Internal Failure

VW Jetta Headache

Vehicle ECU Had Been Modified courtesy Autodata

Handy A/C System Diagnosis Table

Ford Transit Diesel (more carbon dramas)

Collyn Rivers RV/Solar April 2014

Nissan Window Reset (courtesy Autodata)




CAN, or Controller Area Networks… The Basics

Which Scantools

Collyn Rivers Solar Jun12

Collyn Rivers Solar Apr13

Collyn Rivers Solar Feb13

Collyn Rivers Solar Dec12

Collyn Rivers Solar Oct12

Collyn Rivers Solar Aug12

Collyn Rivers Solar Jun12

2002 Hyundai Accent “running rough”

Scantools-selecting by Matt Hardy

Technically Speaking – Various Tech Tips

Diagnostic Strategies-By Matt Hardy

Parallel Charging Batteries by Collyn Rivers

Mazda MX5 Tech Tip “poor performance”

AU / BA Falcon Alternator/Regulator Confusion

BMW Fan Speed Not Operating

Volvo 940 GLE AC Not Operating

Understanding Your Fuel Delivery System’

Honda Civic Airbag Light Staying On

Toyota Corolla Engine Over-Heating

Diagnosing Defective ABS Modules

EFI/Fuel Pump Contamination Check List (visual)