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Our company AAEN Pty Ltd (Australian Auto E News) has been producing specialist auto trade journals in Australia since 1992. Our team has over 20 years experience in the auto trade and our correspondents are highly respected.

“We have had an awesome year this year and every item we have featured in your magazine has sold well, so I can vouch that we hit our target market with your magazine.”

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Scott Montgomery


Subject: RE: Remote King advert

Hi Team, I hope you’re well!

We have had a great response from the October Issue in the Auto Elect News, so we would like to book some future full pages with you. We will work on a different full page and then alternate the 2. Can you kindly advise the next issue/deadline for the next 3 months?

Thank you

Kindest regards

Kathleen – REMOTE KING

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In each issue of our trade auto trade journals we endeavor to reach an interesting balance of articles for our readers. For example:

  • Technical Articles           australian australia mechanics news
  • Industry News
  • TAFE & Training News
  • Business / Management Tips
  • New Products
  • Service Trends
  • Overseas / Future Directions

Our trade magazines are kept for many years by our readers and not simply disposed of after reading. We ensure that in every issue the material is of much interest and valued and in fact we can even supply dedicated branded binders to enable our readers to store their back issues.

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We welcome product news and PR which we feel would be of interest to our readers. However, editorial submissions will be reproduced and/or edited at the discretion without notice of our team and can be used or reused/recycled as we see fit including supplied images.


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Some words from AAEN supporters

My company represents many Motoring Publications with Australian Workshop Manager and the Automotive Electrical and Air Conditioning News being two of the most popular we represent. Barry Browne – Barry Browne Media Pty Ltd.

There are not many magazines that are so specifically targeted to one of a main audiences. It is definitely one of those mags that gets read at morning smoko by all staff. Wayne Blackman – Invision Sales – Philips Automotive Lighting

A lot of our best new business over the years is a direct result of using this magazine, it’s obviously widely read all throughout our industry. Andrew Ziser – Jennings Parts

Your mag hits our target demographic spot on, so it represents good value to us. Tim Grimes National Sales Manager – CoolDrive / Melbourne Auto AIr

Whenever I ask a Service or Workshop Manager which trade publication they read the most, 90% say AWM. It’s easily the most respected publication in our industry. Richard Phillips – BG Products Australia

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