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TYRE BUSINESS AUSTRALIA is our B2B national trade journal for tyre retailers, targeting over 3000 retail/workshop outlets in Australia. T-B-A is published bi-monthly (6 issues annually).

ie FEBRUARY; APRIL; JUNE; AUGUST; OCTOBER; DEC/JAN early release late Nov.


T-B-A is the only dedicated trade news journal for the Australian tyre industry.

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Tyre Retailers have changed over the years and have increased their service offerings to customers – some even offer car servicing (ie lubes), brake repairs and general servicing & repairs.

4×4 & Offroad is a natural add-on sector for tyre retailers, and then there’s suspension upgrades, and the list goes on and on ….

Email our office for more info…admin@aaen.com.au

Advertising enquiries; email  admin@aaen.com.au or 07 3353 6017 .


FEBRUARY, material by Feb 1, shipped Feb 19.

APRIL, material by April 1, shipped April 19.

JUNE, material by June 1, shipped June 19.

AUGUST, material by Aug 1, shipped August 19.

OCTOBER, material by Oct 1, shipped October 19.

Dec-Jan (early release) , material by Nov 19, shipped Dec 1.

“The last issue with the ad and the content piece delivered some good results and we are very interested in continuing to advertise. When is the next issue?

Asif Cash (Wheel Restore Systems)


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