Don’t Be A Target For Dismissal

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By John Girardi

I’ve been working in Human Resources for
more than 25 years, many of those years
as a Human Resource Manager and in
my own business, working with a broad
range of industries including automotive,
manufacturing, supply chain, and retail. I
don’t love everything about the profession
I have chosen, but one of the aspects I do
love is that almost daily I have managers
or business owners confide in me about
what they think about the people that work
for them. They tell me what they like about
their star performers and they whinge
to me about the people they are having
problems with.
Imagine that, 25+ years of hearing, on an
almost daily basis, what managers and
business owners think about the various
people that work for them. It’s a position of
privilege and it has given me some great
insight into what goes on in organisations,
about what can go wrong, and about how
and why some employees come to be
viewed as problem employees.