Headlight Restoration goes PRO!

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If your customers have cars that are over 10-15 years old, there is a very high chance that the headlight lenses have started to show signs of UV deterioration. Over time, the sun will corrode the plastic, leaving the surface area yellow and clouded which is incredibly dangerous as light output can easily be halved with that kind of corrosion.


The Headlight Maintenance Program by Invision Sales has been designed specifically to fix this problem. Offering three different sized kits, the program allows anyone to remove the corrosion and then re-seal the lens with a new UV protective coating to bring the plastic back to as new condition. The kits include all cleaners, sandpaper, polishing cloths, UV resurface coating and detailed instruction sheets. After a restoration your headlights will be clearer and the performance dramatically improved.

The first Headlight Maintenance DIY Restoration Kit (HRK01) was released back in 2011 and has since established itself as the leading product for headlight restoration in Australia. It was followed by the Trade Pack (HRK02) that is designed to restore 10 cars, making it a value option for higher volume workshops. Now the PROKit (HRK03) is available for professionals who see headlight restoration as a way to generate profitable new business.

The PROKit is designed to service 50 vehicles and all the components come in a solid case that can be easily restocked, with all ordering details on the inside lid. The kit is specifically designed with high volume workshops in mind as the included RO 3” electric sander dramatically shortens the time it takes to service a vehicle.

For further information contact Invision Sales 03 9336 2066 or visit www.invisionsales.com