New Denso Starters & Alternators

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DENSO would like to introduce its new First Time Fit product range of radiators, condensers, starters, alternators and oxygen sensors.
Built and tested to OE-standards, DENSO’s First Time Fit aftermarket range has been precision-built to offer an exact replacement so you don’t have to worry about doing the same job twice – saving you time and money.


Real Value
With most contemporary vehicles placing heavy demands on the charging system through the use of sophisticated electronic systems, your alternator is no place to cut corners. DENSO FTF alternators are light-weight, highly efficient and durable under the most grueling conditions. They exceed manufacturer standards, mount with a minimum of installation issues and provide years of reliable service – offering you real bang for your buck.

High Quality
In the same way you can trust DENSO FTF alternators, DENSO FTF starters are subjected to a rigorous testing and replacement routines that produce the lowest return rates in the aftermarket. Armatures and field coils are high-voltage tested; commutators are refinished and performance-validated; terminals and fasteners are replaced with high-quality copper components. Each and every starter is exactingly bench-tested to ensure factory-original performance. This sort of attention offers quality components with tremendous savings, and with DENSO’s First Time Fit philosophy you’re sure to have the right part, right fit, first time, every time.

For distributors, retailers, and consumers alike, DENSO First Time Fit products are the ideal choice.