A fresh new look for Philips

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Philips Automotive Lighting introduces new packaging for its aftermarket products. The global automotive packaging project was rolled out as results of surveys to study consumer shopping experience indicate that a clear and easy-to-understand packaging is essential.

Consumers’ insights show that correct packaging and content will facilitate their buying process; from attention-catching, to education about the products, choosing the right globe, and eventually making the purchase. Based on these findings, Philips has developed a set of new, impactful packaging designs for its aftermarket consumers to enhance their shopping experience.

New pack-2

The new packaging is consumer friendlier; displayed on the rear of the packaging are visual graphics to illustrate key benefits, simple and clear-cut decision elements (light temperature, beam length and lifetime), globe function, technical information, ECE standards and a new star system for product performance comparison.

The new packaging was also carefully and creatively designed to meet the merchandising and display needs of retailers and trade workshops; unique clamshell packaging makes it easier for retailers to create exciting and attractive displays, ‘stand-up’ feature allows trade partners to either hang the products on hooks, or let them free-stand on shelves or counter tops.

“Our new packaging design process starts with understanding the needs of consumers, retailers and other trade partners; it’s only after we’ve taken all the elements into account that we come up with the best solution,”

commented Paul Oddy, Automotive Lighting Business Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

New pack-1

The new packaging will look great on the shelves; its unique shape, good size and clean colours make the product more attractive and easy-to-handle. Coupled with the improved content, consumers who are attracted to the visually appealing products will be able to gather enough information to make sound buying decisions even if they might not be familiar with the Philips globe products.

“The aims are to create a visually appealing and impactful packaging to help our customers sell the products, and to create one which has the essential information to help consumers choose the correct product for their vehicles,”

said Paul Oddy.

The new packaging is designed to fit onto all existing merchandising systems, thus transition from existing products to the new ones will be seamless.

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