Car Theft Stats

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Not so long ago our readers played a big part in preventing car theft by fitting alarms and immobilisers. Today’s vehicles are more secure but the problem continues.

A new report released by Savvy finds that every 11 minutes, a passenger or light commercial vehicle is stolen, resulting in a staggering 38,187 thefts in 2021 alone.

Queensland takes the unfortunate lead with over 11,000 incidents reported.

In Australia, car theft is a significant issue, with a passenger/light commercial vehicle being stolen approximately every 11 minutes. Car theft prevention is crucial in combating this problem. Advances in security technology have made it nearly impossible to hotwire modern cars, debunking the popular belief that hot-wiring is still a common method used by thieves.

When it comes to car theft demographics, Queensland had the highest number of individual car thefts in 2021, with over 11,000 cases. In contrast, Tasmania, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory had the lowest totals of car theft, likely due to their smaller populations.