FREE ARCTick AC Promo Items

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Prepare For Summer AC Servicing – Stock up on FREE ARCTick promo items!

 Summer is when your ARCTick air conditioning licence becomes one of the most important tools for you and your workshop.

Not only is it the law to hold an ARCTick licence for any work on vehicle air conditioners that contain fluorocarbon refrigerant (about 89% of the total refrigeration/air con market)*, holding a licence tells your customers that you are professional and qualified to do the job.



  1. 1.     Is your licence current or up for renewal soon?

• Make sure to re-apply before expiry to ensure you don’t have to apply ‘as new’ and provide your details and proof of qualifications again. Remember “no RTA and no licence means no gas” and that means you can’t do any air conditioning work

• Check your Authorisation/licence status by visiting the ARC website and going to the online services section – ‘change of details’. Or contact the ARC on 1300 88 44 83
2. Make sure your business is following the legal requirements of its Authorisation:


• Updated refrigerant records (quarterly – bought, sold, recovered)

• Updated Air Con equipment list and maintenance records

• Ensure you have a current risk management plan for handling/storage of refrigerant

• Ensure your refrigerant cylinder leak test and test date records are current

• Notify the ARC of any changes to staff who hold a Refrigerant Handling licence

• Make sure to display your Authorisation number on all air conditioning services advertising (including stationery, print ads etc.)
Visit the ARC website and go to the Audit section to check up on your legal obligations as an Authorisation holder.
3. FREE ARCTick promo items!

  • “Licensed Air Conditioning Maintenance” Posters for your workshop
  • “Benefits of using Licensed Technicians” handouts for your customers
  • ARC Certificate and Authorised stickers for your workshop
  • Degassed stickers
  • Air Con Information Guides for your customers
  • ARCTick Service tags and service stickers for your customers’ vehicles

Contact the ARC on 1300 88 44 83 / to order your FREE promo items.

*Cold Hard Facts 2 – A study of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry in Australia, Expert Group, 2013