AC Truck Fire In Perth

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Details are still sketchy and some information is being kept “confidential” by Worksafe WA, but AAEN is investigating a recent Mitsubishi truck fire in Perth WA that injured the occupants.

At this early stage a TX valve failure is suspected which allowed hydrocarbon (suspected) refrigerant into the cabin and was ignited somehow. We are unaware of the condition of the occupants. Worksafe would not tell us who serviced the vehicle as the incident was still being investigated.

A national parts distributor has informed AAEN that they had a visit from an inspector from Worksafe / Energy & Safety Australia who is investigating the incident. The investigator is purchasing components to manufacture a simulator of an A/C system to help investigate the exact cause.

The investigator told us that any refrigerant no-matter what type would have entered the cabin due to the suspect TX failure.

Many details are still confidential but we will keep in contact. Those who have registered for our e-Alerts at AAEN/TIQBIZ will be updated as more news come through.

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