Compujection Joins The Team

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“The icing on the cake for independent workshops”

“If a customer is looking for a reputable garage to service or repair their car, the “Bosch Car Service” sign is usually a good place to start.”

So it’s easy to see why established local garage Compujection was eager to let their existing customers and locals know that they’ve joined the well-known network.

The Bosch Car Service network comprises over 13,000 independent workshops in 150 countries. Following a selection process, approved workshops such as Compujection Pty Ltd in Langwarrin, Victoria receive training in the highest levels of technical expertise, business management and customer service.

12 months after joining the network, owners Robert and Michelle Morgan both agree, “Becoming a Bosch Car Service workshop is the icing on cake as an independent garage. As a local business, we’re very proud of this achievement.”

“It’s really an extension of everything we’ve worked towards since we founded the business. Today’s customers demand better service and technical knowledge than ever, and becoming a Bosch Car Service workshop tells them that’s what they’ll find here”, Robert commented.

Before becoming a Bosch Car Service workshop, Compujection was predominantly known for LPG and mechanical repairs. This attracted people who were on a low budget, which resulted in a poor profit clientele base. This sparked a need for change.

Robert continued, “In the last year, we have seen our turnover increase by close to 10% and our gross profit by nearly 15%. Most importantly, we are attracting the sort of people who expect quality vehicle care”.

As part of the global Bosch Group, Bosch Car Service workshops have gained a reputation for quality. But that quality is not something they take for granted.

“As representatives of such a well-known brand, we know we are always in the spotlight and can be independently assessed at any time”, said Robert.

Bosch regularly commissions independent auditors to visit workshops. The aim is to go in without warning and experience exactly what any customer would: from the first greeting to the final vehicle handover and payment process. The results are then fed back to the workshop and used as the basis for continual quality improvement.

Bosch Car Service workshops never know when these visits will take place, meaning that they constantly need to be aware of the quality, consistency and value of the service they provide.

While it may sound intimidating, the network actually welcomes the checks. Robert said, “Bosch provides us with the initial training which includes detailed quality control processes. We also regularly ask our customers for feedback on their experiences. But the unannounced mystery tests are really our way of proving to ourselves that we’ve got things right”.

Although only in the network for a little over a year, Compujection have incorporated their Bosch training into everyday life. Their recent mystery shop reflected that they are on the right path to a continued successful future.