Xmas Shutdowns Notify Your Staff

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by John Girardi

It’s very common for businesses to have a
shutdown period between Christmas and
New Year, and some shutdown for slightly
longer than that.

Usually, the shutdown is welcomed by all
employees, and they will use their annual
leave during this period. If an employee
does not have an adequate annual leave
balance, the employer might allow them
to take annual leave in advance (i.e. their
annual leave will go into negative), or the
employee might take leave without pay.

This shutdown period and the way it has
worked for your business in the past has
probably operated smoothly. But due to
changes to 78 Modern Awards, which
took effect on 1 May 2023, employers
need to give more thought to how these
shutdowns will work. These changes effect
businesses with employees covered by the
Vehicle Repair, Services and Retail Award
2020 (which includes most tyre fitting
businesses, and mechanical workshops).

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