Why Customers Leave Your Business

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by Rachael Sheldrick

Have you noticed recently that a customer who was always in every 6 months like clockwork for their service hasn’t been in for a while?

The thought bugs you enough that you go and look up their service history to discover it’s been more than 12 months since you last saw them.

Co-incidentally, when you are out on a test drive a few days later, you see that customers’ car parked down the road in the driveway of one of your competitors. You are immediately overcome with disappointment and a little bit of anger. Why would they go there when you worked so hard to deliver them fantastic customer service? (or so you thought).

In disbelief you head back to your workshop, certain that now all of your customers are leaving you.
This might be a slight exaggeration, but the pain of realising you have lost a good customer is real, especially when you have been given no indication of why they left. As a result, you will replay your previous encounters with this customer in your mind, looking for the answers.

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