The Future of Wheel Alignment

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Wheel Alignment used to be a complicated and time consuming task for technicians in workshops.

Beissbarth is a pioneer in development and production of precision Wheel Alignment Equipment.

This new Beissbarth Touchless system took years of development, but the result provides workshops access to the latest evolution in Wheel Alignment systems utilising fast image processing and laser measurement.

This innovation drastically improves the simplicity of operation, speed and accuracy of measurement.

The non-contact Wheel Alignment system Touchless, allows quick measurement without set up time or having to leave the vehicle – all within a matter of seconds.

Once the technician has positioned the vehicle between the Touchless sensor heads, it provides precise results for all four wheels simultaneously. The measurement is carried out by infrared laser projectors in combination with two high resolution cameras in each sensor head.

The initial measurement of all four of the vehicles wheels is displayed when driving between the sensor heads without having to fit any form of heads, target boards or wheel clamps to the wheels.

The system is suitable for quick and simple Wheel Alignment diagnosis of a customer’s vehicle when it is in the workshop for a routine service or other repair.

The integration of the Touchless Wheel Alignment system in your workshop enables additional sales opportunities.

Welcome your customer with a cup of coffee and the initial measurement results to recommend an alignment be performed.

This system will revolutionise how a Wheel Alignment is sold to your customer.

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