Ryco Cabin Filters

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The market for replacement cabin air filters is growing fast. It’s estimated that there is around 9.5m vehicles on Australian roads and 2.5m vehicles on New Zealand roads that are fitted with cabin air filters.

That means workshops that aren’t actively promoting their benefits are missing out the opportunity to not only increase profitability, but also to protect their customers from harmful airbourne contaminates.

“Research shows that without an effective cabin air filter installed, the air inside your car can contain over 10 times more pollutants than the air outside,” said RYCO marketing communications manager, Melissa Simpson. “Pollutants that can cause headaches, nausea and fatigue, and trigger more significant health problems for people with asthma or respiratory issues.”

In their fight to improve air quality in vehicle cabins Ryco have recently released a premium grade cabin air filter, the MircoShield.

Ryco MicroShield Cabin Air Filters incorporate Ryco MicroShield media technology that is designed and lab-tested to filter out fine particles of 2.5 microns or less. This media incorporates an anti-bacterial agent made from natural plant extracts that is entirely safe and extremely effective at eliminating bacteria and reducing virus’s that can cause influenza.

“Our ground breaking MicroShield cabin air filter is the ultimate assurance of healthier breathing inside your customers vehicles,” Melissa said. “The Ryco MicroShield is the only cabin air filter available in Australia that can protect against mould, mites and the H1N1 strain of influenza virus.”

To celebrate the launch of the new MicroShield range, Ryco are giving workshops the chance to win one of 20 VISA Cards loaded up with $1000 simply by purchasing and fitting any cabin air filter from the RYCO range.

To find out more about cabin air filters and to enter the draw to win your share of the $20,000 prize pool visit www.breatheeasier.com.au