REDARC “Humming” Along…

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Just when you thought acquisitions in our industry was slowing comes the news that REDARC Electronics, has combined forces with another “power source” and acquired Hummingbird Electronics.

As well as offering a diversified range of electronic automotive products including GPS Speed Senders; Digital GPS Speedometers; GPS Trip Meters; Inclinometer Display Units; Tilt-Sensor & Switches; Harsh Braking sensors,  just to name a few.

Hummingbird Electronics can also design and manufacture cost optimised electronic devices, for all kinds of vehicles, to suit various applications.

The business has enjoyed significant growth delivering, to their customers, electronic solutions for all vehicle types both within Australia and internationally.

REDARC Managing Director Anthony Kittel said he was excited about the road ahead as we combine the technologies and considerable knowledge base of Hummingbird and REDARC.

“Hummingbird has a nice portfolio of products and like us, has been focused on research and innovation, they hold some intellectual property in radio frequency, which will add weight to our products as well” he said.

REDARC and Hummingbird are highly complementary with comprehensive product portfolios, industry leading technological and innovative excellence together with outstanding staff.

“The most exciting outcome from this venture is the opportunity for us to offer our customers an enhanced experience by continually building on the product innovation, quality and performance of two successful teams.” Mr Kittel said

The Hummingbird operation will continue to be located at Taylors Beach, in NSW with Norman Ballard appointed to the role of Business Innovation and Development Manager and with Kyle Dix, relocating from REDARC in SA, appointed to the role of General Manager.

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