New Workplace Law Reforms

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By Evangeline Kannis

Recent media coverage about the new workplace laws bringing substantial changes to the way the Fair Work Commission considers improving job security, wage theft, the making of enterprise agreements, gender and pay equity, and the content of employment contracts.  These changes officially received royal ascent on 5 December 2022 where they come with various effective dates.
In fact, to cover the many aspects of the changes being made to the Fair Work Act 2009 in the form of the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Act 2022 involved a massive 240 pages document with major changes being made right up to the time it was finally agreed by the Parliament.

This article briefly touches on the changes to employment laws which are often not felt by many employees and employers until after they have been in place for a while.  Meanwhile many industry sectors are preparing for bargaining in a way not felt in many years.  There are many interested parties who have high expectations of what the latest changes will bring however more experienced experts are predicting their effect will be more long term.