New Arkema Gas Facility

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For quite some time we have been following the progress of HFO-1234yf, the refrigerant that we all assumed would replace R134a. It was jointly developed by Honeywell and DuPont.

Obviously refrigerant manufacturers believe that HFO-1234yf will eventually be the product of choice (to replace R134a)  as we hear that another refrigerant manufacturer, namely Arkema has announced they too will enter the 1234yf market and intend to build a new plant in China to produce the refrigerant.

Arkema said that with this investment, the company’s goal is to restore confidence across the automotive sector in the refrigerant and takes this opportunity to assure the automotive industry that 1234yf will be available in commercial quantities to meet the phase down of R134a.

Arkema expects their production plant to be up and running by 2016. They have also indicated that they have plans to build a second plant in Europe depending on demand. Arkema’s refrigerants are available from BOC Gases.