EV Training At MTAQ

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As leaders in automotive training, MTAI, (a division of MTAQ)  led by a team of H/EV experts have been providing the accredited AURSS00037 – Hybrid Electric Vehicle Inspection and Servicing
Skill Set course for a number of years.

Paul Kulpa General Manager for Training said, “The MTA Institute understands the
importance of providing accredited H/EV training to automotive professionals and
businesses preparing for the future and looking to adapt to new market trends.
“Mastering the latest technology is complicated and dangerous, it’s not something
you can learn on the job, so it’s crucial for automotive professionals to complete the
accredited course and gain the necessary qualifications before attempting to inspect
or service a H/EV.”

This notion appears to be one that is accepted nationally and also internationally with
the MTA Institute’s latest H/EV course attracting enrolments from automotive
professionals throughout Australia and beyond with students in attendance from
New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Singapore.

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Inspection and Servicing Skill Set course is a three-day
course, scheduled for various dates throughout the year. It gives students the skillsets
required to inspect and service H/EV systems and components in the automotive,
retail, service and repair industry.

For more information go to www.mtaq.com.au