Capped-Priced Servicing – “Myths & Spin”

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The Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) has launched an information brochure titled The truth about Capped Price Servicing – a workshop guide to the facts to ensure independent workshops – and their customers – understand the facts about these car company offered packages.

This is the third part of a AAAA led national education campaign to place key facts about vehicle service and repair issues in the public forum. The first two information brochures released by the AAAA covered the facts about new car servicing and about so called “genuine” parts.

Executive Director Stuart Charity said the AAAA Capped Price Servicing brochure aims to dispel some of the myths and spin perpetuated by the car industry. “This brochure presents the facts clearly and simply to educate consumers and to give independent workshops confidence in dealing with their customers,” said Stuart Charity.

“These three brochures are part of the AAAA Choice of Repairer initiative. This is a member driven campaign designed to help protect consumer choice and advocate for fair competition in the car repair and maintenance sector,” said Stuart Charity.

Stuart Charity said many car companies use the term “Capped Price” to give the impression to motorists that such plans offer full transparency over pricing and superior value for money.

“In reality, this is often not the case. It is important that consumers carefully read the conditions involved in any CPS deal prior to purchasing a vehicle,” he said. “For example, vehicle owners may not be aware that the cost of a CPS program may be built into the purchase price of that car.

“In addition, many CPS plans do not cover critical service items as specified in the manufacturers own recommended service schedules. These services or replacement parts often come at additional cost.

“This is despite the services or parts being identified by the car manufacturer as essential to preserving the new car warranty, as well as protecting the resale value and life of the car,” said Stuart Charity.

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