AADA Hits Back.. “Vehicle data available from various sources”

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AADA Hits back and asks…What  information IS NOT available to independent repairers?

 Access to vehicle data and “right to repair” is front and centre in the media of late. The AADA has hit back asking the question, What actual “repair and service information” is withheld from independent repairers?

The Australian Automotive Dealer Association is confident that independent repairers who want access to data can get it from various sources.

A recent AADA release claimed, “The simple fact is that information is available at a reasonable cost for all parties, independent or dealer, through a number of different delivery methods.”

“If it isn’t available then the independent repairers are totally misleading the public into believing they can service and repair cars, which is clearly not the case. Dealers also trade vehicles outside of the franchise brand that they sell and then have to buy the service and repair information just like the vast majority of independent repairers.”

“Service and repair information is not withheld at all” states AADA CEO Patrick Tessier. Service repair manuals are sold through a dealership parts department and have been for many years. Comments from some who don’t service cars and others who think the information should be free are not living in the commercial environment that AADA members and most business people operate in.”

The AADA release went on to say that Internet based delivery methods (Autodata for example) are in place on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis at a cost. AADA estimates that $1200 per year is the average cost to obtain the most current data from the manufacturers.

The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) has offered to make their extensive repair information library available to all independent repairers in Australia. There is a small cost for non-VACC members. AADA Chairman Mr Field said the call centre currently answers 98 per cent of received technical enquiries. “It’s therefore difficult to understand what repair information Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) or Australian Automobile Association (AAA) wants, which is not readily available at a small cost, or provided as part of being a VACC member,” Mr Field said.

The AADA adds, what is not made available freely, is some vehicle security information that interacts with the vehicle computerised control system. Some of this information is not made available to the dealers either.  AADA supports limited access to this information because it would be irresponsible to freely make available this sensitive and private data.

“Do Australian consumers want anyone and everyone being able to tamper with emission control settings or remove safety equipment, like air bags or produce keys for their cars? I don’t think so, common sense would say that this sensitive information should be as secure as possible” states Mr. Tessier.

The ADA added, Australia’s motor dealers invest heavily in the technology, training, diagnostic equipment and tooling to ensure that consumers receive unparalleled value in their vehicle service and repair needs.  Further, Australian motor dealers already work closely with independent repairers to ensure that consumers have genuine choice in their preferred service or repair supplier.  AADA members throughout Australia assist many independent repairers who need support in servicing modern vehicles. Many independent repairers buy their genuine parts from the dealer community. It is a complete nonsense to say that the OEM’s, vehicle manufacturers and dealers are withholding service and repair information from independent repairers. Often customers of dealerships are given access to a dealer purchased library where the independent repairer hasn’t invested in the full data available to them.

AADA urges all parties to adopt the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) drafted code that has been developed to ensure that the service and repair of motor vehicles is carried out in a manner that best protects the consumer investment in their vehicle. This includes advising the customer where non-genuine parts are fitted.

For more information, contact:

Patrick Tessier, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Automotive Dealer Association

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