7500 Diesel Misfueling Events

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With the increase in consumers purchasing diesel cars we are also seeing an increase in people accidentally putting petrol into a diesel vehicles, with 7500 nationally each year according to the the RAA.

In South Australia alone the Royal Automobile Club of South Australia reports of almost 600 misfuelling cases syas Mark Borlace of the Royal Automobile Club of South Australia.

“Minor repairs usually occur when the driver has realised the misfuelling has happened before starting the vehicle, so a flushing of the fuel system is required and filters usually need to be replaced, which costs $468 on average.

“Major repairs are normally needed if the driver hasn’t realised the misfuelling situation and drives the vehicle before experiencing abnormal engine noise and performance.”

Misfuelling costs motorists $10.2M nationally per annum.

The associated costs of major repairs required vary significantly between manufacturers, and can be anywhere from $4000, up to $17,000 for a more expensive vehicle such as a Mercedes Benz.

“The average cost of major repairs is around $7000, which is obviously a huge concern for affected motorists,” says Borlace.

“Some people may be able to claim for the damage under some insurance policies, but the majority of these costs would be out of pocket for the affected motorists.”

There are plenty of diesel misfuelling devices on the market which usually fit in the diesel tank cap area to restrict the nozzle and to remind the user to use DIESEL ONLY!