Beware! Latest Scam!

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Businesses like yours are finding things tough enough as it is without scammers trying to extract even more funds from you.

Our friends at AUTO PARTS GROUP have recommended we alert our readers of the latest one where you receive and invoice from Yellow-Page-Australia. (nothing to do with Yellow Pages)

The scammer based in Hong Kong or Dubai is sending invoices demanding payment and threatening legal action for recovery of monies.
If your business has received a fax claiming to be from ‘Yellow Page Australia’ and ‘Open Business Directory Ltd’ please be on alert and do not reply with any information or contact details.

Nigel Bishop from Auto Parts Group said, “We have seen these scams surface regularly, and in particular this one claiming to be affiliated with the Sensis brand. Now it is apparent that they are on the hunt again for unsuspecting business owners so we urge everyone in the auto industry to be vigilant and to report any scam emails, faxes or phone calls to the relevant authorities.”
SCAMwatch urges small businesses to be alert and follow these three key rules:

  • If you receive a ‘Yellow Pages’ fax or email and want to confirm if it is authentic, call Sensis on 13 23 78.
  • If you receive a threatening call, email or fax demanding payment, ignore it and report it.
  • Spread the word – make sure your staff are alert to how this scam works and how to protect your business.